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Venustraphobia - fobia perempuan cantik

23-11-2012 04:40 PM|Author: lavendernovella|Views: 5881| Comments: 38

Summary: Venustraphobia; what a beautiful word, it so perfectly describes the fear that many men have toward women they consider beauti ...

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Venustraphobia : The Fear of beautiful women
Venustraphobia; what a beautiful word, it so perfectly describes the fear that many men have toward women they consider beautiful. This fear can have an enormous effect on a man’s ability to approach women, much more to secure a woman who he is truly and completely physically attracted to. Venustraphobia often has powerful physical effects on men, many times neutralizing their ability to hunt as they are designed to do. Most men will admit to encountering that one woman at some point in their lives that immediately instilled fear in them because of being struck by the beauty of that woman. Even so so-called players, men of high status and other categories of men that women flock to, have encountered such a woman. A woman capable of penetrating what they thought was a rock hard defence like a hot knife through butter. It seems men are programmed to be vulnerable to the beauty of a woman. No matter how tough the man is there is atleast one woman out there capable of penetrating that tough exterior. Women really are the more powerful sex whether they are aware of it or not. They posses an power rooted in their ability to subtly manipulate their subjects and have them catering to their every whim and fancy like mindless robots. The caligynephobic noob is their easiest conquest. We as men all suffer from caligynephobia (venustraphobia) to some degree but most men can be indifferent to most beautiful women who may not necessarily strike a particular chord. The truly venustraphobic man has a fear of most beautiful women and can be easily manipulated by some of these women especially those with not so noble intentions.

walaupon lelaki mmg suka perempuan yang cantik2, tapi ade jer yang kena penyakit ni....... tgk perempuan cantik jer, mcam nak pitam , berpeluh2 , nak pengsan pon ada..... ada ker yang nak mengaku?

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