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perebutan kuasa di LCS - update: Pesawat China ceroboh Senkaku

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Post on 14-6-2011 05:18 PM |All posts

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Post Last Edit by wartakita at 14-6-2011 17:44

It is interesting to see what will happen in the future .... Can China or PRC get what they want?  What will happen if PRC use their military power to the other claimers?  Who can defeat China in the military conflict in this area?  Can Malaysia defend their claim from China?

Let discuss ...

China fired at Filipino fishermen in Jackson atoll

※This is Chinese Warship 560. You are in the China territory. Leave the area immediately.§

Upon hearing this warning through a marine band radio, three Philippine boats fishing in Quirino, or Jackson atoll, a Philippine-claimed islet off Palawan in the disputed Spratly Islands, scampered away.

But the Chinese warship still fired three shots at the vessels F/V Jaime DLS, F/V Mama Lydia DLS and F/V Maricris 12. The Philippine Nay later identified the Chinese warship as Dongguan, a Jianghu-V Class missile frigate.

The incident in the South China Sea happened on Feb. 25〞before March when the Philippine-commissioned seismic vessel was reportedly harassed in Reed Bank in western Palawan and before the Chinese vessels laid steel posts and a buoy in May in the Amy Douglas (Iroquois) Bank southwest of Reed Bank which Manila said is within its 200-mile exclusive economic zone.

Yet while the Philippine government protested the March and May incidents, one by note verbale another verbally, it did no such thing about the February incident.

Jackson atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef that has closely spaced islands on it encircling a lagoon. It is a rich fishing ground within Palawan*s 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone and belongs to the Kalayaan Island Group (KIG) which under Philippine law is part of the country*s regime of islands.

A military report seen by VERA Files said that on Feb. 25, while anchored at Jackson atoll, the three Philippine fishing boats were approached by the Chinese warship, which introduced itself through a marine band radio and demanded that the Filipino fishermen leave at once.

F/V Maricris 12, however, experienced trouble removing its anchor, and its captain, Russel De la Cruz, pleaded with the Chinese warship, also through a marine band radio to ※please wait for a while.§

※However, the Chinese warship repeatedly answered, &I will shoot you.* Then, De la Cruz heard three consecutive gunshots and saw the projectiles hit the surface of the water 0.3 nautical miles away from the position of F/V Maricris,§ the military report said.

F/V Maricris 12 had to cut its anchor lines in order to flee from what it sensed was imminent danger.

The gunshots were also heard by F/V Jaime DLS, which reported the incident by radio to the Philippine Navy detachment on Lawak Island which, in turn, relayed it to the Naval Station on Pag-Asa island until it reached the Naval Forces West headquarters in Palawan.

The three beleaguered fishing vessels proceeded to the Philippine-occupied Lawak where they sought refuge for two days. The Chinese warship was later sighted southeast of Lawak toward Patag Island, also held by the Philippines.

According to the military report, when F/V Maricris 12 returned to Jackson atoll on Feb. 28 to retrieve its anchor, it sighted three Chinese fishing vessels colored blue, red and green, exploiting the marine resources in the area.

The oil-rich Spratlys chain in the South China Sea is being claimed in part by the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei and wholly by China, Taiwan and Vietnam. Of the more or less 160 islands, Vietnam occuppies 25 islands; China, 12; the Philippines, nine; Malaysia, five, and Taiwan, one. Brunei does not occupy a single geographical feaure but has established a fishing zone that overlaps a southern reef.

Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin expressed alarm at the increasing Chinese incursions in the hotly contested Spratly Islands.

※Dumami yung intrusions. Ibig sabihin e, yung mga areas nasa lugar natin na wala tayong mga gwardya ay doon ang nilalagyan nila. In other words, gusto nila magtanim ng mga bandera nila sa ganun masabi nila sa kanila yung area (The incursions are rising. This means they are positioning themselves in areas that are ours but are unguarded. In other words, they want to plant flags to claim these places),§ Gazmin said in a briefing Wednesday.

Besides the recent incidents at Jackson atoll, Reed Bank and Amy Douglas Bank, a Chinese marine vessel with a flat bed was sighted in Abad Santos or Bombay shoal on May 6, and the the Chinese Marine Surveillance ship 75 and Salvage/research Ship 707 were spotted steaming toward Southern Bank on May 21.

Armed Forces chief Eduardo Oban said the military will maintain the level of force in the disputed islands, but will also increase the operational tempo of its routine patrols and reconnaissance flights within the country*s terroritorial boundaries.

On Tuesday, the Department of Foreign Affairs summoned the charge d*affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Manila to seek clarification on the recent sightings of a China Marine Surveillance (CMS) vessel and other People*s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) ships at the vicinity of the Amy Douglas Bank.

The Philippine Navy, through the fishermen, had recovered steel posts with Chinese markings that were put up in the area, according to Oban.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert F. del Rosario said, ※Any new construction by China in the vicinity of the uninhabited Amy Douglas Bank is a clear violation of the 2002 ASEAN-China Declaration on the Conduct of Parties (DOC) in the South China Sea.§

The Chinese vessels were first sighted by fishermen on May 24 and reported to the Philippine Navy the following day.

After receiving the report on May 26, the Navy headquarters in Manila ordered a ship deployed to the area to verify the sighting. Bad weather, however, hampered the immediate deployment of the ship to Amy Douglas.

By May 29, the Chinese vessels were no longer in the area, the posts had been dismantled and turned over to the Navy, and the buoy was no longer there.

The AFP intelligence department briefed Gazmin and Oban on the developments in the KIG on Monday and later Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario.

On Tuesday, the Chinese embassy official was summoned to the Department of Foreign Affairs. The Cabinet*s National Security Cluster met at the Villamor Airbase regarding the incident shortly before the President left for a state visit in Brunei, and a statement was subsequently issued by the DFA.

The DFA, however, did not hand the Chinese embassy a note verbale when it summoned the charge d*affaires on Tuesday.

This was unlike the diplomatic protest it issued in March when Chinese boats ordered a Philippine seismic vessel in Reed Bank to leave, and even maneuvered close to the Philippine vessel at least twice, apparently to show they would ram it.

The diplomatic protest seen by VERA Files raised four points to prove that Reed Bank is not part of the disputed area by projecting 85 nautical miles from the basepoint in the northern part of Palawan and not from the KIG. China questioned this during meetings with the Philippines, but did not reply in a diplomatic note.

The military acknowledged its lack of capability to confront foreign enemies, but said it is ready to defend the country. But it said it prefers diplomatic means as the first option in dealing with the South China Sea dispute.

※The option open to us is first the diplomatic protest. We are in no position to confront the forces that are intruding in our territory simply because we don't have the capability,§ Gazmin said.

He said the Chinese intrude into the disputed areas by initially setting up posts and then laying buoys to claim an area. The posts eventually become a lighthouse.

※Once this becomes a lighthouse these are boundaries of territories. So once that is established they can always claim that is theirs,§ the defense secretary said. ※That is why it is our responsibility to make sure that this doesn't happen now and in the future.§

He said the military is upgrading the capability of its maritime assets in the area to better guard the islands. ※Hand-in-hand with this is the organization of our fishermen who provide us the necessary information and documentation needed to file a formal diplomatic protest,§ Gazmin said.

(VERA Files is put out by veteran journalists taking a deeper look at current issues. Vera is Latin for "true.")

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Post on 14-6-2011 05:32 PM |All posts
Post Last Edit by wartakita at 14-6-2011 17:48

Vietnam Eyes Foreign Help
12 June 2011
Vietnam has raised the stakes a little more in its current row with China, calling on the United States and others to step in and help find some kind of resolution.

The request comes on the back of a number of confrontations over the past few weeks in the South China Sea, a region that*s hotly contested by the two, as well as several Southeast Asian countries. Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand also claim various parts of the area, but it*s Vietnam*s claims of harassment by Chinese vessels that have been making headlines.

On Thursday, Vietnam claimed that Chinese boats had again trespassed into its territory, and it accused China of deliberately trying to cut

undersea cables deployed by a ship hired by PetroVietnam. This is far from the first spat 每 as I noted here last year, Vietnam has been angered at the repeated detention of fishermen trawling near the disputed Paracel Islands, which Vietnam claims.

Reuters has a useful timeline of the recent tensions, to which should be added the new call by Vietnam for intervention by the international community. Bloomberg today quoted Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Nguyen Phuong Nga as saying:

&Maintaining peace, stability, security, and maritime safety in the Eastern Sea is the common interest of the countries inside and outside the region#Every effort by the international community in maintaining peace and stability in the Eastern Sea is welcome.*

This will, of course, be anathema to Beijing, which has resisted foreign involvement in territorial disputes. Indeed, China was angered by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton*s suggestion last July that the United States could be an intermediary.

Vietnam has pledged to undertake navy drills tomorrow, and meanwhile it has been tolerating rare demonstrations by hundreds of protesters angry at what they see as China*s violations of Vietnamese territory.

Writing here earlier this week, Huy Duong suggested that the best way for Vietnam and other Southeast Asian nations to respond to what they see as an overbearing China will be for them to work together.

Will they? Minxin Pei has an interesting piece for us up today on the dispute 每 and what China should do to ease tensions. But I also asked Vietnam watcher Tran Huu Dung, a professor of economics at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, for his take.

&It*s widely agreed among those who pay attention to the balance of powers in Southeast Asia that the only way for Vietnam, or any single country in the region, to push back China is to band together,* he told me. &However, this would mean that the Vietnamese must recognize that they should also acknowledge the interests of other countries in the region. These interests may be different from theirs. A clearly stated, long-term regional policy incorporating these considerations hasn*t been offered by the Vietnamese.*

I also asked him for his view on the latest tensions between China and Vietnam, and how optimistic he is that future rows can be resolved peacefully.

&The tension between Vietnam and China goes back thousands of years, and there*s no reason to expect that it will ever end. However, this doesn*t mean that the two countries can*t co-exist peacefully for a long period of time,* he said. &This peaceful co-existence depends not only on the behaviour of the Chinese government, but also on how they perceive the weakness of the Vietnamese leadership. The recent incident could be looked at as a test of this leadership.*                                                        

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Post on 14-6-2011 06:03 PM |All posts
Post Last Edit by wartakita at 14-6-2011 18:05

Bila Malaysia tak nak ikut to show its military power to China ?

Spratly: Vietnam berlatih perang
Utusan Malaysia; 13 June 2011

HANOI 13 Jun - Tentera laut Vietnam hari ini memulakan latihan tembakan peluru hidup di Laut China Selatan, dalam langkah yang dilihat meningkatkan risiko berlakunya 'konfrontasi besar' dengan Beijing berhubung pertikaian wilayah yang makin meruncing.

Perbalahan lama antara dua negara komunis berjiran itu berhubung kedaulatan terhadap Kepulauan Spratly dan Kepulauan Paracel meletus semula berikutan konflik di laut baru-baru ini yang menyebabkan hubungan antara mereka merosot ke tahap terburuk dalam tempoh beberapa tahun.

"Tembakan pertama dengan peluru hidup oleh Tentera Laut Vietnam bermula pada 8 pagi ini (9 pagi waktu Malaysia) dan latihan akan berakhir pada 12 tengah hari (1 petang waktu Malaysia)," kata seorang pegawai tentera laut di Danang, tengah Vietnam.

Latihan itu dijalankan di sekitar pulau Hon Ong, kira-kira 40 kilometer dari wilayah Quang Nam, tengah negara ini.

Fasa kedua latihan selama kira-kira enam jam dijadual bermula pada 6 petang ini (7 petang ini waktu Malaysia), sebagai sebahagian daripada 'latihan rutin tahunan', menurut Kementerian Luar.

"Saya tidak boleh mendedahkan bilangan kapal Vietnam yang dikerahkan untuk latihan ini, tetapi tembakan hanya melibatkan meriam dan senjata api dan bukan peluru berpandu," kata pegawai di Danang.

Latihan itu meningkatkan ketegangan di Laut China Selatan, kata David Koh, seorang penganalisis Vietnam dari Institut Kajian Asia Tenggara di Singapura.

"Bagaimanapun saya tidak fikir ada banyak pilihan buat masa ini, dan akhirnya satu konfrontasi besar dijangka meletus di laut," kata Koh.

Latihan itu dijalankan di dalam kawasan yang didakwa sebagai zon ekonomi eksklusif (EEZ) Vietnam sejauh 200 batu nautika, kira-kira 250 kilometer dari Kepulauan Paracel dan hampir 1,000 kilometer dari Spratly.

Hanoi bulan lepas menuduh kapal peronda China memutuskan kabel sebuah kapal cari gali minyak di kawasan tersebut, dan pada Khamis lepas, Vietnam mendakwa sebuah bot nelayan China merempuh kabel sebuah lagi kapal cari gali minyak dalam serangan 'yang disengajakan'.

Beijing membalas dengan memberi amaran kepada Vietnam supaya menghentikan segala aktiviti yang mencabul kedaulatan China di kawasan yang dipertikaikan. - AFP

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Post on 14-6-2011 06:20 PM |All posts
ada hajatan ... RI tak nak di undang kah?

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Post on 15-6-2011 09:02 AM |All posts
Malaysia dah ada FPDA.... Kerjasama dgn FPDA sudah cukup untuk menangkis serangan China....

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Post on 15-6-2011 10:57 AM |All posts
Malaysia dah ada FPDA.... Kerjasama dgn FPDA sudah cukup untuk menangkis serangan China....
tempur Post at 15-6-2011 09:02

A wet dream ...FPDA is only a 'nostalgia' from the last century ....

UK tiada daya pertahan Falkland

LONDON 14 Jun - Pemotongan peruntukan dalam angkatan tentera bermakna Britain tidak akan mampu untuk mempertahankan Kepulauan Falkland daripada satu lagi serangan Argentina.

Perkara itu diakui sendiri oleh komander pasukan petugas tentera laut yang menawan semula kepulauan tersebut genap 29 tahun yang lalu, hari ini.

"Dalam keadaan sekarang, kita menghadapi masalah besar untuk mempertahankan mana-mana wilayah Britain yang terletak lebih jauh daripada kedudukan di seberang Selat Inggeris," kata Laksamana Sandy Woodward dalam akhbar Daily Mail.

"Genap 29 tahun yang lalu pada hari ini, kita menawan semula Kepulauan Falklands untuk Britain dalam satu kempen paling hebat sejak Perang Dunia Kedua.

"Hakikatnya, tanpa kapal pengangkut pesawat udara dan tanpa bantuan Amerika, kita tidak mempunyai harapan untuk mengulangi kejayaan yang sama hari ini," tulis Woodward yang menganggap Kepulauan Falklands sudah hampir tidak dapat dipertahankan lagi.

Britain yang memiliki kedaulatan terhadap Kepulauan Falklands sejak 1833 memenangi perang yang singkat tetapi mencetuskan pertumpahan darah pada 1982 selepas junta tentera Argentina menyerang gugusan pulau itu.

Woodward turut mengulas tentang kenyataan ketua Tentera Laut Diraja semalam mengenai kesan pemotongan peruntukan pertahanan ke atas operasi Pertubuhan Perjanjian Atlantik Utara (NATO) di Libya.

Laksamana Mark Stanhope berkata, beberapa aspek operasi di Libya akan melibatkan kos lebih rendah dan bersifat 'jauh lebih reaktif' sekiranya Britain masih memiliki sebuah kapal pengangkut pesawat udara.

Britain tidak lagi mempunyai kapal pengangkut pesawat udara sejak kapal utama Tentera Laut Diraja, HMS Ark Royal dan jet-jet pejuang Harriernya kembali ke pangkalan untuk kali terakhir pada Disember lalu. - AFP

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Post on 15-6-2011 12:18 PM |All posts
indon toksah sibuk la dengan urusan diplomasi
dan isu sempadan negara lain..

jaga elok2 pulau2 kamu yang banyak tu..

kang dapat kat malaysia lagi macam sipadan tu baru tau..
always be yourself..

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Post on 15-6-2011 02:39 PM |All posts
Post Last Edit by wongedandotcom2 at 15-6-2011 14:42
indon toksah sibuk la dengan urusan diplomasi
dan isu sempadan negara lain..

jaga elok2 pulau2 k ...
d'zeck Post at 15-6-2011 12:18

ta apalah anggap sodakoh ...  toh yang hilang di spartly lebih banyak tar.. ambil kacang dulu nonton perang spartly dari natuna.. ah..... you go girl   


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Post on 15-6-2011 03:36 PM |All posts
Korang nak aku lock thread ni?
When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown in to the sea.

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Post on 15-6-2011 03:46 PM |All posts
Korang nak aku lock thread ni?
alphawolf Post at 15-6-2011 15:36

lock jer la mod 'MAIDEN'.......... kat sini tak main la vs sana, vs sini......

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Post on 15-6-2011 05:53 PM |All posts
Post Last Edit by wartakita at 15-6-2011 17:57

China is Less Talk but Do More, who can stop them ...

China will deploy a giant oil rig and begin drilling in the disputed Spratly Islands in the West Philippine Sea/South China Sea

MANILA, Philippines 每 Notwithstanding a diplomatic protest filed by the Philippines, China will deploy a giant oil rig and begin drilling in the disputed Spratly Islands in the West Philippine Sea/South China Sea, Albay Governor Joey Salceda said on Tuesday.

Salceda said the platform Marine Oil 981 is owned by the China National Offshore Oil Corp., that country*s s largest offshore oil producer.

According to a Xinhua news report dated May 24, 2011, Marine Oil 981 is a giant deepwater oil drilling platform that carries out oil explorations up to a depth of 3,000 meters and is equipped with a drill that can go as deep as 12,000 meters.  

Marine Oil 981 was built at the cost of 6 Billion Yuan or US$923 million, weighs more than 31,000 tons, and can withstand the rough conditions of the South China Sea.  

The Xinhua report said it took more than three years for the China State Shipbuilding Corporation to build the giant rig, which was delivered to CNOOC on May 23, 2011 and is currently undergoing sea trials before its July deployment.

While the report did not mention where Marine Oil 981 will be drilling, it is widely believed it will be in the disputed Spratly Islands.

Salceda said he was ※disturbed by the drift of news on the West Philippine Sea 每 especially with the six intrusions and the unusually abrasive, almost intolerant, statements of China.§

※Now my fears have found their origin: China will put up its huge oil rig in the disputed waters by July 2001 每 the next three weeks,§ Salceda pointed out in an email.

Salceda had earlier proposed a boycott of China-made products, which he now believes ※is no longer as radical as it first seemed and would even be disproportionately inadequate to address the evolving dynamics.§

※To paraphrase Recto: it is foolish to love your country and ill-advised to fight for its honor and defend its national sovereignty,§ Salceda added.

In the Xinhua report, it quoted CNOOC Chairman Wang Yilin as saying Marine Oil 981 ※will be a good opportunity to strengthen its efforts in deepwater oil exploration and ensure energy security§ of China. The Xinhua report also said, quoting CNOOC, that ※the rig will be installed in the waters of the South China sea and begin oil and gas prospecting in July.§

Marine Oil 981 was dubbed the ※Aircraft Carrier§ because of size and was specifically designed to deal with the rough waves of the South China Sea.  

A China Central Television (CCTV) report, dated May 22, 2011, said Marine Oil 981 is equipped with modern navigation and an advanced underwater anti-blowout safety system.

Marine Oil 981 is also equipped with dynamic global positioning systems that will enable it to keep its positions even if it is buffeted by a massive typhoon.

The CCTV story featured an interview with Wang Qi, manager of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Company, where he said: ※This drilling platform is specially designed for the bad sea conditions of the South Sea, so it can work well under that condition. It is equipped by the most advanced international devices and can drill 12,000 meters under water of 3,000 meters deep.§

Marine Oil 981 is the sixth generation drilling platform which meets China*s need for deepwater drilling equipment.  The CCTV report said Marine Oil 981 is a key component of China*s 2020 Deepwater Daqing 每 referring to the exploration and exploitation of deepwater oil and gas reserves in the West Philippine Sea / South China Sea.

The Xinhua report said CNOOC plans to invest 200 billion yuan and drill 800 deepwater wells 每 which they expect to have an output of an equivalent 500 million barrels of oil by the year 2020. CNOOC believes the South China Sea holds major oil and gas deposits.

Presently China*s oil and fuel requirements come from imports and Beijing aims to reduce this dependence by exploring and exploiting energy resources on land and deepwater drilling.

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Post on 15-6-2011 06:19 PM |All posts
Post Last Edit by wartakita at 15-6-2011 18:26

There is no friend or enemy forever ...

A very confidence statement from China - If we want it .. we will get it .....   

South China Sea: Hanoi and Washington to hold joint naval drill
14 June 2011

Tensions are rising between China and Vietnam. Chinese analysts urge their government to flex its muscles. Vietnamese PM issues call-up decree in case of war. The last conflict between the two nations goes back to 1979.

Confirmation of the exercises came as Hanoi completed a live-fire exercise off its central coast last night, deemed routine by the Vietnamese but denounced by Chinese analysts as a provocation and a show of force. Hanoi (AsiaNews/Agencies) 每 Vietnam will hold joint naval drills with the United States next month, a move that could further stoke tensions with China over the South China Sea. Meanwhile, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung issued a decree about a potential military call-up, which outlines who would be exempt from the draft in case of war. Vietnam*s last war was with China in 1979.

Ji Qiufeng, a professor at Nanjing University's school of foreign relations, said Beijing needs to make it clear to Vietnam that ※any challenge to China's sovereignty over the South China Sea cannot succeed§.

US Seventh Fleet officials confirmed a US destroyer would head to Da Nang next month for a search and rescue exercise as part of a pattern of annual drills with regional allies and partners in recent months that have included Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippine navy. However, Beijing will closely monitor the presence of US Navy ships in an area in the South China Sea recently claimed by China.

Recent minor encroachments by Chinese boats and clashes with Filipino and Vietnamese ships have sparked protests by the Philippines and Vietnam and generated street protests.

Among the nations of the Asia-Pacific region, China has the most extensive claims in the South China Sea, which includes the uninhabited Spratly and Paracel Islands, with rich fishing grounds and important oil and gas reserves.

Beijing*s claims also reflect its strategic goal of hegemonic control over trade and mineral development, above all oil and natural gas. Chinese demands have not gone unchallenged. Contenders include Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan, as well as the United States, which has its own strategic interests in the region.

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Post on 15-6-2011 06:36 PM |All posts
Poor Pinoy ..No other option: Call and give their life to Uncle Sam ...

MANILA, Philippines (PNA) - It's a shocking reality, but since 2005 the Philippines has no jet fighters to intercept incoming hostile aircraft from entering into the country*s airspace.

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief of staff Gen. Eduardo SL Oban Jr., in an exclusive interview with the Philippines News Agency (PNA), confirmed the predicament of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) which has no supersonic jet fighter interceptors since the F5 jets were phased out six years ago because they were obsolete.

※Our pilots have no more fighter jets to scramble unlike before,§ Oban, himself a jet pilot, said, referring to the days of old when the Air Force had squadrons of jet fighters in its arsenal.

※Scramble§ is a termed used by fighter pilots to scamper to their planes once a siren is sounded to alert them that hostile aircraft are about to intrude into the country*s airspace.

Oban admitted that the PAF at present has no capability to intercept hostile planes that may intrude into Philippine skies.

He recalled that at the time when the PAF had modern jet fighters, the pilots were fast to ※scramble§ to their planes to intercept intruding aircraft and challenged the intruders, but that is not the case anymore because the PAF has no supersonic jet fighter interceptors to do the job.

The PAF also needs to modernize its radar system.

PAF used to be the No. 1 air force in Southeast Asia after World War II until in the late 1960s when it lagged behind in the procurement of new fighter jets.

At that time, the PAF was the envy of other air forces in the region, particularly its ※Blue Diamond§ acrobatic team that had awed millions of spectators in their death-defying flying maneuvers.

In the early 1950s, the PAF acquired two squadrons of Sabre jets, the top of the line jet fighters at that time. This was complemented by a squadron of propeller-driven Mustang planes.

In 1965, the Philippines was one of the first countries in the world to acquire from the United States 30 F-5 Freedom fighter jets, and in 1979 purchased 25 Crusader jet aircraft also from the U.S.

But over the years, the PAF found itself depleted with fighter planes.

The last F-5 was flown in 2005 before it was decommissioned because it was already obsolete.

※At present we don*t have any fighter jets,§ Oban told this writer.

Oban said the 1995 AFP Modernization Plan was passed by Congress and approved by then President Fidel V. Ramos for the AFP to acquire new planes and armaments.

But the 1997 Asian financial crisis dampened the modernization program as the U.S. currency soared to as much as P50 to a dollar.

Oban said that during the planning, the exchange rate was only one U.S. dollar to P20.

※In fact, we anticipated that by the time we ordered new planes, the exchange rate would be one U.S. dollar to P30, but we were wrong,§ Oban added.

However, Oban said the AFP will continue its modernization program to upgrade the AFP*s capability so it can carry its mandate to protect the sovereignty of the country.

To be delivered in November this year are combat helicopters the PAF has ordered from Poland. Also to be delivered are additional jet trainer planes.

The Philippine Navy has just acquired one Jacinto Class vessel that would boost its capability to patrol the country*s territorial waters.

Oban said that the guidance of Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin is to acquire multi-role fighter planes and helicopters.

He said the AFP prefers to buy brand-new jet fighters rather than second-hand.

Oban said the delivery of the aircraft will take at least three years.

When asked what type of jet fighters the Air Force would want, Oban said that is still being studied by the PAF.

There are a variety of jet fighters available in the world market such as the F-14, F-15, F-16, and F-18, all US-made; Kfir jet made by Israel; Tornado jet developed by Britain, Germany and Italy; and the Russian Sokhoi jet fighter, among others.

Sixteen years after the 1995 AFP Modernization Law was passed, the AFP is still struggling to upgrade its equipment, particularly the acquisition of new jet fighters and naval ships.

Oban said that another factor that delayed the modernization plan was the resurgence of insurgency in the late 1990s and early 2000s which the AFP had to shift gear, giving priority to domestic problem and leaving behind the needs for external security.

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Reply 3# wartakita

    Kita dah hidup di bawah imperial china dah beratus tahun, takda masalah peperangan pun. Apa yg ko memandai nak cari gaduh dgn China lak?
'Si vis pacem para pacem'

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Post on 16-6-2011 08:14 AM |All posts
bukan diaorang ni suka cari gaduh ka?
When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown in to the sea.

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Post on 16-6-2011 12:29 PM |All posts
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Reply 15# alphawolf

Aku rasa masalah kita dgn depa kecil aje. Banding dgn Pinoy dan Vietnam. Biar ajelah Pinoy dan Vietnam gaduh dgn depa. Lepas tu US sure masuk campur. Kita peduli ajelah...
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punya la gigih tunjuk muka.ingat orang kesian kot nk ajak perang kat spratly.
one day more . . . .

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indon indon...dia pulak yang sibuk pasal hal orang lain...

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It is clear now ... forget to the 'ASEAN Solidarity' .... No other option available for Malaysia ... Like or dislike ... We (like Pinoy and Vietnam) have to invite US to counter China ....'Pihak ketiga yang dimaksudkan ialah AS kerana hanya negara itu yang mampu menandingi kehebatan angkatan tentera China' ...

Kemusykilan terhadap niat China
Utusan; 16 June 2011

PENULIS  ialah GeoStrategis Institut GeoSpatial UTM dan ahli bersekutu Majlis Profesor Negara.

CHINA telah berulang kali menegaskan permodenan angkatan bersenjata mereka tiada kena mengena dengan hasrat untuk menjadi kuasa besar seperti Amerika Syarikat (AS) tetapi hanya untuk melindungi kepentingan agenda ekonomi mereka. Sememangnya pengakuan sedemikian rupa amat dialu-alukan terutama sekali oleh negara jiran yang lebih kecil seperti ASEAN.

Tetapi perlu ditegaskan, Beijing sememangnya pintar menggunakan bahasa diplomasi untuk menggambarkan yang mereka tidak mempunyai agenda tersirat. Apa yang boleh dirungkaikan daripada kenyataan Beijing adalah mereka akan mempertahankan kepentingan ekonomi dengan apa jua kaedah sekalipun, dan ini termasuklah kekuatan tentera.

Perhatikan sahaja apa yang sedang berlaku di Laut China Selatan mengenai tuntutan bertindih gugusan Kepulauan Spratly dan Paracel oleh China, Vietnam, Filipina, Brunei, Malaysia dan Taiwan. Beberapa minggu lepas telah berlaku beberapa tindakan agresif di antara China, Vietnam dan Filipina di kawasan perairan yang masing-masing mendakwa milik mereka.

Vietnam dan Filipina telah menuduh tentera laut China mengganggu kerja eksplorasi di dalam perairan yang didakwa oleh Hanoi dan Manila adalah milik mereka. Beijing pula mendakwa kedua-dua negara tersebut telah menceroboh kawasan milik China. Masalahnya di sini ialah hampir keseluruhan kawasan tuntutan bertindih Laut China Selatan didakwa oleh Beijing sebagai milik mereka dengan menggunakan dalil sejarah lampau.

Vietnam telah pun mengambil tindakan susulan akibat gangguan Beijing dengan mengadakan latihan tembakan peluru hidup di wilayah Quang Nam berhampiran dengan kawasan pertikaian. Walaupun dinafikan oleh Hanoi, begitu jelas sekali isyarat latihan tersebut adalah amaran kepada Beijing bahawa Vietnam akan mempertahankan kedaulatan mereka. Begitu juga dengan Filipina yang bakal mengadakan latihan perang yang dinamakan CARAT bersama-sama dengan AS dari 28 Jun hingga 8 Julai memberikan satu maksud yang tersirat kepada Beijing mengenai apa yang sedang berlaku di Laut China Selatan.

Seperti lazimnya Beijing telah memberi amaran bahawa masalah tuntutan bertindih tersebut perlu diselesaikan secara bilateral iaitu antara China dan negara berkenaan sahaja tanpa memerlukan campur tangan pihak ketiga. Jika agenda China itu dituruti maka sudah semestinya manfaat menyebelahi mereka kerana China mempunyai segala-galanya.

Memang benar China tidak berminat untuk berperang dengan negara ASEAN yang jauh lebih lemah. Tetapi Beijing tanpa segan silu akan mempamerkan kekuatan tentera mereka untuk mendapatkan apa yang dihajati. Apa yang berlaku terhadap Vietnam dan Filipina tempoh hari adalah contoh klasik maksud tersirat permodenan angkatan tentera yang selaras dengan kemajuan ekonomi China.

Paling menggerunkan ialah bagaimana pantasnya permodenan angkatan tentera China berlaku. Tidak lama lagi tentera laut China akan memiliki kapal pengangkut jet pejuang yang pertama. China juga dipercayai sudah memiliki peluru berpandu balistik yang direka khas untuk memusnahkan kapal perang.Sejak kebelakangan ini apa yang jelas adalah tumpuan khas diberikan kepada kemampuan angkatan laut mereka.

Selama ini AS dianggap sebagai kuasa maritim yang unggul kerana mempunyai gugusan kapal pengangkut jet pejuang yang tiada tolok bandingannya. AS mampu menonjolkan dan menggunakan kekuatan angkatan tentera mereka di mana-mana sahaja dengan kaedah kapal pengangkut yang ditempatkan serata pelosok dunia.

Memang benar dengan hanya sebuah kapal pengangkut tidak mungkin China dapat menandingi kehebatan AS. Tetapi bayangkan kesannya jika kapal pengangkut tersebut ditempatkan di Laut China Selatan. Sudah pasti China akan mempunyai kelebihan yang melampau apabila berhadapan dengan isu tuntutan bertindih.

Mungkin secara kebetulan atau tidak kapal pengangkut jet pejuang USS George Washington telah berlepas dari pangkalan di Jepun dan besar kemungkinan sedang menuju ke perairan Laut China Selatan. Pada minggu lepas kapal pengangkut tersebut telah pun berada di Laut China Selatan kerana mengambil bahagian dalam latihan perang CARAT Malaysia-AS. Buat pertama kali juga kapal selam AS turut serta dalam latihan tersebut.

Salah satu strategi untuk mengekang kelebihan angkatan laut China, negara ASEAN perlu mempunyai satu suara apabila berhadapan dengan Beijing. Mahu tidak mahu pihak ketiga perlu diberi ruang untuk bersama-sama dengan negara ASEAN berhadapan dengan China. Pihak ketiga yang dimaksudkan ialah AS kerana hanya negara itu yang mampu menandingi kehebatan angkatan tentera China.

Strategi yang diamalkan oleh Malaysia dengan mengadakan latihan perang secara bersama dengan AS adalah kaedah yang paling berkesan untuk memberi isyarat kepada China. CARAT umpamanya adalah latihan bersama antara Malaysia-AS paling lama dan berjaya di antara kedua-dua negara.

Memandangkan kepentingan Laut China Selatan kepada Malaysia tidak perlu dipersoalkan lagi, kerjasama strategik dalam pertahanan maritim di antara AS diperluaskan lagi dengan penyertaan terbaru latihan secara bersama. Buat pertama kalinya Malaysia telah menyertai Latihan Pinggir Pasifik (RIMPAC) dan Cobra Gold bersama-sama dengan AS. RIMPAC dianggap sebagai latihan perang maritim antarabangsa yang terbesar di dunia dan pada latihan tahun lepas telah disertai oleh 13 negara.

Sememangnya penyertaan Malaysia dalam CARAT, Cobra Gold and RIMPAC akan memberi kesan yang besar bukan sahaja kepada negara tetapi juga kepada ASEAN.

Kehadiran empat negara ASEAN iaitu Malaysia, Thailand, Singapura dan Indonesia dalam salah satu latihan ketenteraan tersebut sudah pasti membawa implikasi yang agak besar seperti mana pakatan Jepun dan Korea Selatan yang telah memberi kesan kepada Asia Timur. Menjadi harapan isyarat tersebut dapat di baca oleh Beijing dengan betul.

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kalau ikut peta ni..sepatutnya spratly lebih kepada kita dan brunei je...kenapa orang lain nak menyibuk..sedangkan negara mereka lagi jauh...kita jgn menyerah mudah untuk kali ini...

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indon indon...dia pulak yang sibuk pasal hal orang lain...
stonefury Post at 16-6-2011 14:20

indon sibuk pasal tak dapat turut serta dalam isu Spratly....

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wartakita Post at 16-6-2011 17:21

wak..kalo ikut peta klaim China termasuk Natuna....seharusnya indon gusar nich....

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wak..kalo ikut peta klaim China termasuk Natuna....seharusnya indon gusar nich....
gede-bab Post at 17-6-2011 09:05

    ah santai saja lah.... x de minyak kat sana...minyak kat spartly jer... lagi banyak

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wak..kalo ikut peta klaim China termasuk Natuna....seharusnya indon gusar nich....
gede-bab Post at 17-6-2011 09:05

cina klaim natuna ...kok indon diem aja ...biasa lah kalo ama cina , ..indon takut setengah mampos bisa-bisa indon berak dalam celana kalo berhadapan ama cina...lihat juga tu media2 indon pada bungkam semua ...maklum aja media2 indon kan orang cina punya jadi mereka diam aja pura2 gak tau ...tapi kalo yg klaim natuna itu malaysia...baru lah media2 indon punya cina tu abis2an lah buat berita provokasi ganyang malaysia bahkan metro tv dulu waktu kasus ambalat opening news nya pake putar lagu perang segala maju  tak gentar membela yg bayar , sebagai negara indon tu lemah karna ekonomi udah di pegang cina , media juga di kuasain cina maka nya gak usah heran media indon suka mengadu domba antara2 negara serumpun kayak indon ama msia ...media2 indon punya cina tu sekutu cina singapork...
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